Cash Assistance

International Federation of Red Cross Societies and the Red Crescent (IFRC) together with the Polish Red Cross (PCK) runs a financial aid program for refugees from Ukraine.

Financial aid is available to people who are:

To successfully qualify for the programme, you must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Left Ukraine after 24th of February 2022 (including 24th of February), AND

2. Are currently located in Poznań Powiat or in Bydgoszcz Powiat, Poland, AND

3. Have not received financial assistance from other humanitarian organizations (for example UNHCR, IRC, LWF, Fundacja ADRA Polska, Polish Humanitarian Action, PCPM), AND

4. Are in a household with an average income equal or less than PLN 2,450 per household member, AND

5. Fits at least in one of these categories:
• Single-headed household with at least 1 child (below 18) or elderly (equal or above 60)
• Elderly-headed household (equal or above 60)
• Household with 2 or more dependent persons (<18, >60)
• Household with one or more persons with specific needs.

We encourage households to follow the instruction of how to download the mobile application, create their profile and register for the available programme. The instructions can be found here:

For your own comfort, we encourage everyone to complete mobile registrations at the places of your residence using smartphones with Internet connection.

You can download AccessRC following the links:


Google Play