Cash Assistance

International Federation of Red Cross Societies and the Red Crescent (IFRC) together with the Polish Red Cross (PCK) runs a financial aid program for refugees from Ukraine.

Program is dedicated to persons who decided to leave Ukraine after 24th February because of conflict in Ukraine. You will not be eligible if you have already received financial assistance from other humanitarian organizations (for example UNHCR, IRC, LWF, Fundacja ADRA Polska, Polish Humanitarian Action, PCPM). In order to enroll to the program your household needs to fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Single headed household with at least 1 child (below 18) or elderly (above 50)
  • Elderly headed household (above 50)
  • Household with 2 or more dependent persons (<18, >50)
  • Household with one or more persons with specific needs