Some frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for aid?

Financial aid is available to people who are:

To successfully qualify for the programme, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Left Ukraine after 24th of February 2022 (including 24th of February), AND
  2. Are currently located in Poznań Powiat or in Bydgoszcz Powiat, Poland, AND
  3. Have not received financial assistance from other humanitarian organizations (for example UNHCR, IRC, LWF, Fundacja ADRA Polska, Polish Humanitarian Action, PCPM), AND
  4. Are in a household with an average income equal or less than PLN 2,450 per household member, AND
  5. Fits at least in one of these categories:
  • Single-headed household with at least 1 child (below 18) or elderly (equal or above 60)
  • Elderly-headed household (equal or above 60)
  • Household with 2 or more dependent persons (<18, >60)
  • Household with one or more persons with specific needs.

How do I apply for aid?

In order to apply you need to download the application using following links [click here]. Please check on the website if the area in which you are currently living is open for online registration.

How much assistance are you providing?

The amount of financial assistance being provided is based on cost of living and in agreement with our partners and the government. In Poland, we are distributing PLN 2,840 to eligible individuals, with PLN 2,440 more for every additional person in the household (these amounts may vary slightly depending on exchange rates on the day of collection) – up to five members of the household total. For now, we are offering these distributions in one installment.

The amount of assistance per month:

1 member in a household = 2,840 PLN/month;

2 members in a household = 5,280 PLN/month;

3 members in a household = 7,720 PLN/month;

4 members in a household = 10,160 PLN/month;

5 or more household members = 12,600 PLN/month.

How long will I receive assistance?

Cash assistance will be provided in one installment.

How do I receive the aid?

If your application is approved, we will send you information about how to receive the aid.

How long will it take to hear a response about my application?

We anticipate a large volume of applications. Please expect at least two weeks before you hear a response to your application. We are working as quickly as possible.

How will I know if my application has been received?

Updates are sent via Viber and WhatsApp

Someone else in my household already applied for me. Can I still apply?

No, only one person in a household can apply for aid. Duplicate applications will slow down the approval process.

Why are you asking for identification documents?

Donors have donated money to the Polish Red Cross and International Federation of the Red Cross for the purpose of helping people displaced from Ukraine. We have an obligation to ensure that the money is distributed to people who meet the eligibility criteria. We use your identification documents to verify that the money is distributed properly.

What can I do with the financial aid?

You know your situation best. You decide how best to use the financial assistance for your needs during this time.

What data is collected and processed by the IFRC?

The Polish Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies collects and processes your personal data as part of this financial assistance application process. We collect personal data for each member in the household. This includes name, date of birth. We collect government issued identity document, which could include QR codes from the process or photos of Ukrainian government issued identity documents such as national identification card, passports, or driver's license and images of individuals holding government identity documents. We collect location through mobile phones or browsers. We are collecting this information to verify your identification and eligibility for Red Cross financial assistance.

I don’t have a mobile phone. How can I apply for aid?

If you do not have a phone and you cannot borrow phone from anyone – you may still receive assistance in Polish Red Cross office – please check the website for information in which offices information points were established.

Why are you distributing financial assistance instead of material items?

The Red Cross has been distributing material items since the start of the Ukraine crisis and we will continue to do so. We are adding distribution of cash assistance to this already existing material aid because there are advantages to providing financial assistance, including:

  • Cash enables people to purchase items specific to their individual needs.
  • Actively taking a role in decision making has been proven to help in a person’s recovery from traumatic events.
  • Providing financial assistance supports the local economy as people make their purchases at local markets.

How do you decide who receives financial assistance?

Red Cross financial assistance focuses on people who are most at-risk such as female-headed households, large families, older people, and people living with disabilities. Priority will be given to the most vulnerable households.

Why are you not giving more?

The financial assistance provided by the Red Cross is an emergency safety net – a lifeline. It is intended to help refugees cover some of their immediate basic needs, such as food, transport, rent, medicines. The financial assistance supplements support being provided by governments and agencies, helps families cope with rising prices for basic commodities, and acts as a buffer until people are able to find employment where they have settled.

Are you providing financial assistance to host families? If no, why not?

We are currently prioritizing providing financial assistance to people directly impacted by the conflict who have been displaced from their homes. We recognize that host families are playing a critical role in also providing support to people who have been displaced. We are currently exploring options on how we can best support them as well.

Does receiving cash assistance require me to stay in Poland?

Yes, beneficiaries should stay in the country of registration

How can I report technical problems with accessing my cash assistance and learn more about program?

Please check our information line to receive technical support and more information about the program

When the cash assistance online registration will be opened in other places?

currently available in the following powiats:

Poznan (from 27th of April until 26th of May)

Bydgoszcz (from 22nd of May until 31st of May)